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Valley Family Limited
Home and Community – Based Services

Program Information
Providing Quality Care

Valley Family Limited will ensure the following:

That our service operation is directed toward individualized choices, individualized alternatives and individualized provision of services.

The belief that people with developmental disabilities and their families exercise the same rights and responsibilities as non-disabled individuals.

Opportunities and choices for each individual to learn, grow and develop and if such growth does not occur, we will continue trying new alternatives to bring about success as there are no failures in life.

Support the family rather than supplanting it.

Valley Family Limited
Home and Community Based Services
Service Array

• Residential Support
• HCS Foster Care
• Supported Home Living
• Nursing
• Respite (Hourly)
• Day Habilitation
• Speech/ Language Pathology
• Occupational Therapy
• Physical Therapy
• Dietary
• Behavior Support
• Audiology
• Social Worker
• Supported Employment
• Adaptive Aids
• Minor Home Modifications
• Dental

Delivery of Services

Services are delivered as per the individual’s Interdisciplinary Team recommendations. The Interdisciplinary Team is composed of, at the minimum, the Individual, Parent/ Legal Guardian, Case Manager, and the Nurse. The Team develops the Individual’s Plan by taking into consideration the following:

• Individual/ Family/ Guardian’s needs as to:
• Where to live
• Where to work
• What school to attend
• What activities to participate in
• What training to receive
• What day habilitation to participate in
• What socialization activities to attend

• Impact towards individual being served by the provision of the service

• Personal growth of the individual

• Maximizing integration into all areas of the community

• Respect and dignity to the Individual and / or the Individual’s family members

• Options and availability of generic resources

• Provision of services in accordance to the HCS Principles for evidentiary and certification.

Valley Family, Ltd. is dedicated to providing quality care services to the individuals we serve.

We feel that it is essential for the administration of each area of operation to know the population to be served, the community, and the community’s needs.

Each area of operation will be managed by local members of the community.

We will provide support services available to the community by working with the local School Districts and the Local Authority (Tropical Texas BH).

Valley Family Ltd., a Home – Community Based Service, is a private provider that serves individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in direct contract with the State of Texas and private individuals.
Valley Family Limited is an agency that is managed by a team that has over 15 years experience in managing and overseeing services to individuals with mental and physical disabilities.